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Family Faith Books:
"Underneath the Wrinkles"

A single mom raises her two boys through the challenges of life the best she can. As the boys face their biggest struggle, they do it through love, laughter, and prayer. They learn what true faith is.

"The Garden of Dreams: Prayers and Poems for Children and the Young at Heart"
Walk through the garden of dreams as you and your child learn new prayers and poems. Every bible verse, prayer, poem, and photo is meant for you to see and feel how beautiful this world is.

"The Garden of Dreams: Our Love story"
This is a book perfect for those who want to read a short love story, but with a lot of meaning.(And pictures!) Its a book of hope, peace, and love which reminds of the journeys we had to take in order to find our happiness. Where will you find your love story?

"The Prayer Wall: The Story About the Twelve Owls of Christmas"
The Prayer Wall is a heart warming tale about the mission of the twelve owls of Christmas. The owls are messengers from God spreading special meanings across the world to those who need an extra reminder of what is important. The story reminds everyone of the true meaning of Christmas.

"Owl Love You Always, Little Bird"
This is the first children's book in a series about a faith based owl family. This book is about the Mommy Owl's love for her Little Birds as she teaches them to keep God as their foundation. As they journey through life she teaches them life lessons through the words of the Bible. Each illustration was painted on canvas prints as a separate memory that unfold with each page. Once all prints are put together, it shows the beautiful tree of their lives.

"Owl Tell You About the Fruit of the Spirit, Little Bird"
This is the second children's book in the Little Bird series about a faith based owl family. In this book, Little Bird and Baby Bird learn about the fruit of the Spirit. Mommy Owl shows her birds how the fruit of the Spirit relates to their lives through examples and words of the bible.

"Owl Teach You to Be a Bird Scout, Little Bird"
Join Little Bird and Baby Bird in the third book of the Little Bird series. In this book, they go camping with Grandpa Owl and get to learn all about becoming a Bird Scout.

Family Book: (not specifically faith related)
"Family 365: The Family Watermelon Challenge"
Welcome to your family watermelon challenge! Challenge yourself to devote one month for a little family time every day. How to use the book: Every day there is a craft and an activity. The activity will relate to the craft. Each craft can be modified to an easier or different version then what is pictured in the book. You can choose to do both the craft and the activity every day or on some days you can do just the activity. Recommendation: Read through the book in entirety before starting it. This way you can plan your calendar according to your personal schedule. As you complete each day, color in the seed at the bottom of the page to show you have completed the daily watermelon challenge!